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You can find meaning and balance in your life!

Clients say:

"I don't feel successful. Life isn't what I expected."

Consider, learn, integrate:

Life is a journey. You have the power to put purpose in every day.

Clients say:

"I dread work. I have to force myself out of the car."

Consider, learn, integrate:

You can be strong. Balance is essential. You can achieve balance in life!

Clients say:

"I'm tired of being tired. Trying to keep up is exhausting."

Consider, learn, integrate:

You can redefine thoughts and beliefs and establish positive meaning to feel energized and hopeful!

Be someone who says:

"I am on MY side!"

"I'm doing things!"

"Now I can stand up for myself."

"I have the capacity to help people now."

"It felt great to initiate things with my friends again."

Discussion/Speaking Topics:

College Age: College Isn't What I Expected

Where Are My Friends?

I Thought I Would Conquer College

Young Adult: Establishing Yourself in the Workplace

Balancing Independence and Parents

Meeting Partners and Building Relationships

Practicing Relationships

Resolving Conflicts

Professionals: Balancing Life

Managing Pressure of Work

Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up

Dealing with the Guilt of Not Enough Time

Saying No: Setting Boundaries

Loss of Identity-Retirement

Parents: Guiding Kids With Character

Navigating Your Kids' Social Issues

Coping With Your Kids' Educational Struggles

Helping Your Kids Grow Up to Be Independent

Parent With Your Partner

Teach Kids Conflict Resolution

Empty Nesting Successfully