Balance and Meaning 630-909-3921 

You can find meaning and balance in your life!

You are caught in a cycle of working, taking care of family, and showing up for others to your own detriment.  

This is not the journey you envisioned. It's everyone and everything pulling you in different directions. 

Working together, we will: 



People need support and encouragement. Bring your frustration, hurt, and anger to an understanding, nonjudgmental, compassionate therapist. Text or call me to schedule: 630-909-3921


Clients say: 

"I don't feel successful. Life isn't what I expected."


Life is a journey. You have the power to put purpose in every day.

Clients say:

"I dread work. I have to force myself out of the car."


You can be strong. Balance is essential. You can achieve balance in life!

Clients say:

"I'm tired of being tired. Trying to keep up is exhausting."


You can redefine thoughts and beliefs and establish positive meaning to feel energized and hopeful!

Be someone who says:

"I am on MY side!"

"I'm doing things!"

"Now I can stand up for myself."

"I have the capacity to help people now."

"It felt great to initiate things with my friends again."