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Coaching PLLC

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Christine Evans, LCSW

Clinically Licensed Therapist 

in Illinois and Arkansas

(Telehealth registered in South Carolina)

Coaching is not limited by location



Own Your Life!

My goal is to empower you to identify and utilize your strengths and values to be a balanced and fulfilled individual. 


STRESS            ANXIOUS          TIRED

Are you stressed by life? Overwhelmed by all the things you have to do? Are your relationships exhausting? Do you neglect your self-care? 

Take control back and improve your being. I like to recommend people list all the things they like to do. Then, begin inserting those things in your schedule. 

Doing things you enjoy builds energy and motivation. Use that energy and motivation to improve other areas of your life. Take care of yourself first. Reduce your stress so you can better handle other things. 

Sometimes, it takes reaching out to another person to keep you accountable and work the steps to become more efficient, healthier, and more content. I help you identify and use your strengths to improve your coping abilities, and make you feel better.

Hope and energy make you motivated to keep working. This is your time. Let's go!


The Tabono symbol is African for strength, purpose, and confidence. I believe we have the capacity to be all these things, but life can bog us down. You and I can work together to identify negative feelings and physical responses, define values, and intentionally create positivity. You can feel strong! Take that first step to Own Your LIfe!