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Christine Evans, LCSW

Clinically Licensed Therapist 

in Illinois and Arkansas

(Telehealth registered in South Carolina)

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Own Your Life!

My goal is to empower you to identify and utilize your strengths and values to be a balanced and fulfilled individual. 


Are you struggling with relationships? Does your partner seem to always misinterpret what you say? Does your child or teen respond with irritation when you speak? Do your parents disrespect that you're now an adult? Do you have difficulty with friends not understanding your needs? Whether it's a partner, a child or teen, parents, or friends, are you avoiding communication so as to avoid conflict? Do you feel like you don't know the right thing to say? Does it seem like you can't have just a conversation?

You CAN have a simple, pleasant conversation by learning what other people actually mean, interpreting their behavior, and clearly communicating what you want to say. Communicating can often feel out of your control, especially when emotional patterns have been established. You can control your communication and emotions, and have effective, calm conversations. You can get what you want from relationships.

Does it sound magical? It's not, really. It just takes some education, exploration, and practice. Your communication can fall victim to dysfunctional patterns in any phase of life. Call or email to schedule a 15 minute phone consult. 

The Tabono symbol is African for strength, purpose, and confidence. I believe we have the capacity to be all these things, but life can bog us down. You and I can work together to identify negative feelings and physical responses, define values, and intentionally create positivity. You can feel strong! Take that first step to Own Your LIfe!