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Coaching PLLC

christineelcsw@gmail.com 630-909-3921

Christine Evans, LCSW

Clinically Licensed Anxiety and Depression Therapist 

in Illinois and Arkansas

(Telehealth registered in South Carolina)

Coaching is not limited by location



Own Your Life!

My goal is to empower you to identify and utilize your strengths and values to be balanced and fulfilled. 


Coaching is available anywhere!

Struggling with Life

Do you feel like you're  struggling right now? Things aren't going well, relationships aren't working, you're feeling down. 

We all go through rough patches in life, and therapy can help get you back on track. We focus on strength, change, and solutions.  Short-term, long-term, whatever you need from therapy we can achieve together. We start where you are and take one step at a time. You have the strength you need, let's work together to use it!



The Tabono symbol is African for strength, purpose, and confidence. I believe we have the capacity to be all these things, but life can bog us down. You and I can work together to identify negative feelings and physical responses, define values, and intentionally create positivity. You can feel strong! Take that first step to Own Your LIfe!