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Christine Evans, LCSW

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Own Your Life!

My goal is to empower you to identify and utilize your strengths and values to be balanced and fulfilled. 


Coaching is available anywhere!

Anxiety and Depression

Are you worried you worry too much? Do you worry it's not "normal?" That you're not "normal?" Do your thoughts race, take control of your brain, and zap your energy? Are you feeling down, unable to focus, crying for no reason?

There's nothing wrong with you. You can learn to cope with anxiety and depression. Let's talk about the worry, restlessness, swirling thoughts, racing heart and constant stress. Discover how to lift your mood, feel joy, and clear your mind. Find relief with a therapist who is experienced working with anxiety and depression. For most people, it's ordinary. For you, it's managable.



The Tabono symbol is African for strength, purpose, and confidence. I believe we have the capacity to be all these things, but life can bog us down. You and I can work together to identify negative feelings and physical responses, define values, and intentionally create positivity. You can feel strong! Take that first step to Own Your LIfe!