Coaching is very different from therapy. Coaching focuses on current functioning, reaching future goals, and eliminating blocks while learning new skills to reach those goals. Coaching leans toward the future and concrete, practical skills.


Do you have difficulty getting started on things?

Does it seem impossible to complete projects?

Do you intend to get things done, but at the end of the day they're incomplete?

Do you have goals but can't take the steps to accomplish them?

Is it hard to get motivated to start?

Are you easily distracted?

Do you have so many ideas in your head you can't stop the swirling thoughts?

COACHING can help you accomplish what you need and want to do:

Learn to set goals, work methodically toward them, and keep deadlines

Learn executive functioning skills and

How to motivate yourself

Identify optimal goals and how to reach them

How to organize your mind and life to reach goals

How to multitask and increase effectiveness and efficiency

How to identify blocks and overcome them

How to use your strengths to make your life better

Improve your focus but do things you don't want to do

Face difficult things and know you can do them

Help yourself make your life run more smoothly

Identify optimal goals and how to reach them

School, work, life. Things need to get done, but you don't seem to be good at that. Don't let your current functioning define the rest of your life. Incorporate new skills to feel competent and be efficient and effective at life.