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I would say empowerment is my "style" as a therapist. I believe we all have strength inside of us to be our best selves, but sometimes life gets in the way of us using our strengths. Sometimes we even forget we have strength! Life gets overwhelming, exhausting, and we get pulled in so many directions it seems impossible to function. We start "survivial mode." Whatever that looks like for you, it usually involves doing the minimum to get through life without enjoying it or feeling like a whole person. It's going through the motions and not fully living.

What I love about empowerment is, you can see improvement quickly. While therapy takes time, we can instill hope, confidence, and energy into your life fairly quickly. That doesn't mean all your problems will be solved, but I will guide you to identify strengths and things that bring you joy. We can then come up with a plan for getting those things in your life. We'll work to prevent whatever it is that got you to this place from bringing you down again. That could mean talking about your past to discover why you may do certain things, it likely means discussing relationships, behaviors, and emotions. It's all good! Therapy brings change! Is it weird for me to admit I get excited when I work with a new client because I can practically taste the change? (I have a sense of humor, too). Get ready for the ride, I look forward to talking with you!